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CONGRATS to Lezli! She lost a total of 21lbs and dropped down 10% body fat.

What was your inspiration for joining our program? I had hit the ‘wall’, so to speak. I’ve always worked out, been active (played competitive tennis growing up, ran marathons later in life, etc…), and eaten pretty well (although sometimes I do have a tendency to eat like a 4 year old!). But in the last year or two, I had put on weight that I could not get off regardless of what I did and just was not feeling good about myself. I tried soooo many other programs (in fact, there was a running joke in my house that I had memberships all over town) and just was not getting the results I wanted, so decided to try something different. I had a friend who had completed the program several years before and it was a game changer for him. So I decided to try it and am glad I did.

What obstacles did you face during the process of learning the FRAME way? The three main obstacles I faced were work travel, social commitments and the holidays (my program spanned Thanksgiving and Christmas). Like anyone else I’m sure, those things can be super challenging when trying to stick to a program. The trick was planning. Also, learning to eat ENOUGH of the right foods at the right times was challenging for me. Sometimes my trainer, Jason, would actually increase my calories which was completely counter-intuitive to me but it turns out he was right every time! I also had to really learn to like more vegetables – I never thought it would happen but I did learn to expand my vegetable horizon!

What motivated you to keep going when things got tough? I did the program along with two friends, Kelsi and Megan. So it was great to have friends to commiserate with when things were challenging and also to hold me accountable for showing up at 5:30 AM! New friends I made in class helped too! My trainer, Jason Smith, could not have been more supportive and encouraging the entire time. He made it fun and always knew exactly what to say and do to keep me motivated. When I traveled for work (or even for fun), he would always help me navigate that so I could stay on track as much as possible. When plateaus inevitably happened, he always had ideas and helped make adjustments so those plateaus didn’t last very long.

What do you value most about the FRAME Program? 
The trainers (specifically Jason Smith in my case, but all of them are great.), the accountability, the laser focus on food and the workouts. Having someone really examine what I was eating and when on a daily basis, and offering advice on tweaks to make were key. I was already focused on my diet and knew WHAT to eat, but again, I learned that I actually needed to eat more of the right things. The workouts are great – I really have tried probably every ‘program’ in town and by far I enjoy Frame workouts the most. They are challenging and always different and everyone’s individual capabilities and strengths are taken into consideration. This program really changed my relationship with food and exercise in the best way. Most importantly for me though, it’s a ‘program’ that I can stick to – it really did change my life and how I approach my diet and lifestyle.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting their own journey? Just start! There are always reasons why now is not the right time – whether it’s the holidays, or summer or upcoming trips, etc…..We had almost delayed starting for 3 months to get past the holidays and I’m so glad we didn’t!

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