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Eating and Staying Healthy During Thanksgiving

Despite the celebrations and the get-togethers during the holidays, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time, especially if you are on a diet. Your diet doesn’t have to necessarily be a weight loss regime, but something that demands you to eat healthy and also keep your calories in check. The majority of the people gain excessive weight in the time period between Thanksgiving and the New Year but these tips might just keep you from being part of that majority.

Gaining weight is a common scenario

With so many tempting and delicious dishes, it is a challenging task to keep a check on your healthy food habits. Who doesn’t want to indulge in the delicious meals of the holiday season? When you are getting involved in too much of calorie laden food on Thanksgiving, which is a common phenomenon, you will suffer from weight gain for the rest of the season.

Have an active holiday season

Instead of splurging into a food fest, it is suggested that you must take control of the food you are consuming and the calories you are taking. Moreover, you must be motivated enough to begin your holiday season with an active routine that gives you the opportunity to be involved in physical activities and thereby not gain weight.

Include a post meal walk

Enjoying a holiday doesn’t mean that you only eat delicious meals and laze around without any physical activities. It is important that you must involve yourself in activities that can help you to lose calories so that you don’t gain weight and have regret later on. Planning for a post meal walk is a great way to burn down some calories and you can bring your family along too for some extra support.

Walk as much as possible

In case you are spending your Thanksgiving with friends and families at your ancestral home, it is the right time to meet up with all those people whom you didn’t have contact for a long time. Instead of indulging too much over the food and just sitting around, walk around, interact with people and catch up with families and friends.

Working out in the morning is a must

The morning after the Thanksgiving, it is recommended to plan out a workout at least for half an hour. Don’t be lethargic and feel bloated. You need to be committed to ensure that you burn off the extra calories that you gain without feeling guilty of indulging over your favorite desserts or meals. Running, jogging, cycling, swimming or plain aerobics are the best options to consider.

You must stop eating once you are full

Thanksgiving tends to be one occasion where people don’t feel guilty for eating until they think their stomachs will burst. There is no need to restrict yourself from enjoying the food, but make sure that you only consume enough to satisfy your palate. There are many who stuff themselves so much that they can hardly move around for hours to come, don’t be that person. Also take into consideration that when you are eating so much, you are gaining the additional calories as well. Enjoy the food, but do it in moderation.

Eat healthy food

Sticking to healthy portions is a good idea to follow. You can include green vegetables and fruits instead of calorie laden food. This helps you to satisfy your hunger pangs and also not make you feel bloated and tired. Indulging over healthy portions is low on calories, but high on nutrition values. Thus, you feel lighter and you don’t have to think about taking out a time to work out every day.

Don’t skip meals

There are many people who believe that starving a meal is a better idea to avoid weight gain. The reality is that skipping a meal can aggregate overeating. If you have an invitation for a Thanksgiving lunch, you should definitely eat your breakfast. The idea of saving room for eating all the food during lunch will make you overeat and thereby gain calories and additional fat. Whenever you skip a meal, you will be hungry and hence you will overeat.

Keep yourself hydrated

Often during celebrations with families and friends, we tend to drink less water and suffer from dehydration. Keeping our body hydrated, especially during the holiday season is extremely essential. Since you are consuming calorie laden food, it is essential to keep the toxins away from the body. This is only possible when we drink an adequate amount of water.

Don’t drink excessive alcohol

Some would say that holiday means indulging in alcohol and other beverages. You must not forget that too much alcohol consumption adds up to your calorie count. Hence, take control while you are drinking wine, champagne, or any other variants of alcohol. It is suggested that you should drink water in between your alcohol intake. This will not only keep you hydrated, but also help in limiting the intake of the alcohol.

Adding flavor to food is more vital

Often people misinterpret that a Thanksgiving meal means a plate of turkey or any other protein laden with butter and fat. Plus a plate of dessert that is  filled with cream or cheese. Such a practice of cooking can be avoided. A good food doesn’t necessarily mean including fat. In fact, adding more flavor is essential and can be enjoyed more.

Be practical with your health goals

It goes without saying that during Thanksgiving, it is difficult to restrict your temptation over a plate of delicious beef, accompanied with good alcohol and ending with a sweet dessert. You cannot set an aim to lose weight during the holiday season. Instead your goal should be focused on the maintenance of your fitness and do not let extra calories aid in gaining body weight.

Take your time and chew food

There is common saying that when you don’t chew your food properly and eat faster, you are taking in more calories into your body. On the other hand, when you eat slowly and chew the food properly, you actually consume less food. Thus, less food means less calories. In fact, eating slowly can also give you a feel of getting bloated quickly which can help you avoid overeating.

Some items that you can indulge in without much guilt

Sweet potatoes

This vegetable is high in fiber content and low in calories. Sprinkle with some black pepper and salt and enjoy a cup of sweet potatoes

Turkey breast

Consuming the turkey breast without the skin seems to be a way better option that it doesn’t count much calories. Moreover, you must avoid the turkey thighs as they are rich in fat.

Pinot Noir red wine

As compared to other variants, Pinot Noir consists of high level of Resveratol, that has the reputation of decreasing the blood clots.

Healthy dip option

Instead of ranch dressing, it is better if you can include a healthy dip made of fresh veggies and add more of protein and fiber contents instead of unwanted fat.

Although Thanksgiving can be a time for overeating and weight gain, following the tips above can help you enjoy the food, drinks, and company while keeping your figure. It is challenging to focus on weight loss plans during Thanksgiving, but you can definitely focus on maintaining an optimal fitness level, by being physically active and eating low calorie meals. Stay healthy and fit and also enjoy the meals.

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