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Sweetheart Transformation!!!

Congrats to Michelle! She lost 18 pounds, 19 inches, and dropped 11% body fat. Her then boyfriend, Gandhi, did our 12 week program and purposed to her. Michelle came to us and afterwards to start her 12 week program. The two of them were married shortly after Michelle’s program. Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!

What was your inspiration for joining our program?
I reached a point in my life where I felt my age more. I felt less energetic, unhealthy, and older. I thought I was too young to be feeling like that. It was simply time to make a change.

What obstacles did you face during the process of learning the FRAME Way?
Learning how to eat clean and eat 5-6 times a day was very challenging, because I own a bakery. Being surrounded sweets all day in and out was hard. Plus, I was a single mom of two girls, so I didn’t have much time to cook at home. We relied on eating out a lot.

What motivated you to keep going when things got tough?
My desire to be as healthy as I can and I wanted to be a healthy role model for my girls. I’m was also getting married and plan to have another child. I wanted to reach the best shape I possibly could.

What did you value most about the FRAME Program?
The staff’s constant support, encouragement, and nutritional information. Jason has been wonderful through this process and it was so helpful to to have weekly meetings about what I was eating and how I could improve.

What advice would you give someone who is considering starting their own journey?
Don’t waste any more time! It’s tough and sometimes you’ll feel like quitting, but the results you get will keep you going. Not just the physical results, but the mental too. At FRAME, you develop physical and mental discipline. You simply need the desire to change and FRAME will give you the tools to reach your goals.

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